For the first time in perhaps a millenia, the lands of Sayga know a measure of peace. The massive goblin hordes under the influence of Bane have been defeated, and their loss ultimately gave birth to the new kingdom of Shatterfoot. This kingdom of goblins is something never before seen in these hostile lands and the greenskins try hard to gain a measure of trust and respect amongst their newfound neighbours.

To the north, the dwarves of Anvilrock finally settle into a time of peace, going back to their mines and smithies. These dwarves are perhaps the only kingdom in Sayga to embrace Shatterfoot after the goblins helped them greatly in the recent war, and trade is already running between the two factions.

With the elves of the Feywood to the south, it is a different story. Many of their groves were all but destroyed by the rampaging greenskins, and they continue to hold a grudge. However, the elves have found new allies in the east, the Half-orcs of Kadar’hurd, who contributed in no small way with defeating the trollish hordes threatening the Feywood from the great Moors.

Far away, in the cold North, a remnant of a once great Dragonborn Empire still rules a large plot of land. It’s fall came about centuries before, but the dragonborn have still not forgiven their shame, and relations with them are tenous at best.

Saygian Chronicles